About us.

Our Studio.

Kathy Martin opened Elevate Fitness with an eye on results–YOURS!

Elevate Fitness is a 2600 square foot studio located in the Aquidneck Corporate Park overlooking First Beach and the Newport reservoir. Spacious and industrial looking, this studio has just the right vibe to get you motivated to move!

Elevate Fitness has weights, TRX, medicine balls, boxes, bosu, kettlebells, and a host of other toys in addition to 7 treadmills, 6 rowers and 8 bikes all to use in a class setting.

Elevate Fitness also is the only location offering the Fitmetrix Heart Rate program. This interactive program allows you not only to track your workout during a session, but outside the studio as well! Participants also will receive end of workout summarys via email and the Fitmetrix app to let them know their level of activity. This will allow clients to track their progress and allow the trainers to help participants improve where needed.

We currently hold Release Foam Rolling classes which will address muscle inconsistencies, tight/overworked muscles, soreness, injuries and prevent future injuries.  We will also be offering hybrids of this class such as  strength and roll which will combine weight training and foam rolling. Preventing injuries keeps you in the game!

And Coming this Spring, we will be launching our Bungee Fitness Classes.  Stayed tuned for more on this!

Elevate will offer classes and camps from 5 a.m. until evening.

Our class formats are varied and we guarantee you’ll find something you love!

Our Team.

At Elevate Fitness you will be under the guidance of the areas most popular and qualified trainers with more years of experience than they care to count. We all hold multiple certifications in many areas of fitness, all designed to give you an unparalleled fitness experience.

We think out of the box when designing classes, heck we jump on the box and CRUSH it! But seriously you’ll find unique, in house programmed (never pre-packaged anything), fun and  challenging workouts that every fitness level will enjoy.  We specialize at being able to juggle first timers and elite athletes all in the same class or camps – and our staff will make sure that everyone gets the workout that THEY need.

We look forward to helping you make the most of your Elevate Fitness program.