Elevate – Is It Right for YOU?

If you looked around at Elevate not everyone is crazy fit or zero percent body fat.  And that is perfectly fine – in fact it’s pretty much the way it should be.  Not all goals are the same, not all bodies are alike and not everyone wants to wear a bikini on the beach.

What makes our clients excel in our classes and camps is our approach to group workouts. We’ve tried a lot of different approaches over the years some successfully and some not.  

In the past, we would regularly design workouts that would bring people to their knees. That approach worked with some people. We’ve also approached workout programming with a lower intensity.  That approach worked with some people too.

The approach we take at the studio now is a combination of both.  Fortunately for you we are doing it with a lot more knowledge, experience and a lot more compassion.  

It’s working.  We see it daily.

Our workouts are not easy.  I know because we design them to be challenging.  That “bring you to the edge pace” is still worked into each one of our workouts. And we still love bringing new crazy exercises into the mix.


Anyone can do them.  They are all modifiable and they are all easily adaptable to most any injury or condition.  We regularly have people walking on treadmills, not running.  We regularly program bike routines for our clients who can’t run or row.  We always have a modification for every single exercise we perform on the floor because we know most everyone has something going on that doesn’t allow them to perform every exercise we do.  

We’re not in the business to hurt people and break them down, we’re in the business to help people and make them better.

So if you’ve been reluctant to come in because you’re scared, unsure or worried about what people will think of you – DON’T.  That’s not our vibe, that’s not the way we roll.  Come in because you want to get better.  We can help you with that 🙂

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