How come I’m not losing weight?

beach 630

So a lot of you noticed Kyle’s clipboard today – yes we are taking attendance at beach camp.  We are going to be giving away a prize to best attendance – if there is a tie, we will figure out a tie breaker.

WHY oh WHY are you REALLY taking attendance Kathy???  Well, that’s a good question.  Here is my answer:  I WANT YOU THERE!!!  No two ways about it, I want all my camps at full capacity for every time slot – and I want you to prioritize these two days a week.

If you’re wondering:

  • You can’t get fit saying you’re doing beach camp
  • You can’t get fit signing up for beach camp
  • You can’t get fit PAYING for beach camp
  • You can’t get fit not showing up for beach camp

Here’s the piece to the puzzle:

  • You have to COME to camp.  Pretty simple huh?