Instead of..

There are some days where fitness tips and relaying information onto you guys is easy.  And other days, I am blanked.  imageToday was one of those days.  When that happens, I try to pull out a relevant email or article that I’ve written you in the past.  Alot of you have never seen some of this information, so that’s good, right?  And some of you never read it all, so it may not even matter LOL.


For a stretch in camps (last year?), we did a weekly challenge.  For about the first five months it was very successful.  Then..well then it wasn’t.  Most lost interest, some didn’t have time and others just didn’t want to face the fact that they might really NEED these challenges; they either got lazy, got bored or just didn’t find the time to do it.  Let’s see if we can revamp our motivation for THIS challenge

Instead: (definition) as a substitute or alternative to; in place of.

HUH?  This challenge is going to be different for all of you.  The reason being that we all have different weaknesses.

AND…it’s OK to have weaknesses (after all, we are only human). We just have to recognize what they are and be able to handle them when we feel vulnerable.

This week, I want you to find your instead.  Bear with me..

Instead of trying to STOP a bad habit, you should replace it with a HEALTHIER option instead of trying to get rid of it all together.

Trying to stop something will only make you focus on what you can’t have.  

You can give it up entirely and be miserable or you can trade it in for a better option.

So, I’d like you to:

1.  Identify ONE of your “not-so-great” habits or weaknesses in your diet that you want to change. And don’t tell me you don’t have any bad habits or weaknesses – I’m not buying it!

2.  List out (actually WRITE them down) 2 ways you are going to plan for success.

3.  Throw away, give away, or donate your “Weakness” item.

4 Go to the store and buy your “INSTEAD” item!

Remember…you HAVE to make a change in your BEHAVIOR if you want to see a change in your BODY.