The definition of best is “of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality” – that is Kathy Martin. I have been working out with Kathy since 2012, and I consider her to be the best trainer I have ever had. I have belonged to many gyms and taken numerous classes, but no one has held me accountable the way Kathy does. She has the ability to get the most out of people, when you think you are giving 100% she can get you to give 120%. She makes each workout challenging, creative and yes, fun. It is not a one size fits all and Kathy recognizes that, she places a high value on proper form & technique. She’s great at modifying the routine for those who need some type of modification. Through her leadership and motivational skills I was able to lose over 20 pounds and have never looked back. I couldn’t imagine doing a boot camp or class with anyone but Kathy. To say it’s addictive is an understatement!

  • Darci Buchanan
    Senior Vice President – Relationship Manager
    People’s United Bank