At age 50, completely out of shape with zero fitness and 40 lbs overweight I decided to needed make some changes in my life. My good friend Corinne Rich told me about a bootcamp that she attended that she really enjoyed with this awesome instructor named Kathy. I’ll admit I was apprehensive at first. But after a couple of classes I was totally at home but still totally out of shape. SLOWLY and surely Kathy was able to keep me motivated and most importantly keep my body in one piece and injury free. 7 years later I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, physically and mentally fit enough to compete in endurance obstacle races, run marathons and even compete in full Ironman races. Kathy and Kyle have changed my life and opened doors of potential I didn’t even know existed. I learned that just showing up is 99.9% of getting fit and changing your life. And I still show up – At Elevate Fitness.

  • Dirk Johnson