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What’s Happening at Elevate.

Spinning is at Elevate! Welcome our new instructors from the Newport Athletic Club – Kathy Lavigueur, Jim Lilley and Gail St. Jacques.

Free Trials this week and next for Tues/Thurs 730am with Kathy L and 530pm with Jim L.  Gail will be on every other Saturday at 9:15am

NAC Members – 2 weeks of classes – Get your Free Trial Pass anytime between now and October 15!

Bring your NAC membership card in to verify!  Contact kathy@elevatefitnpt.com or just sign up using the button below:

Kids Dance Class – Hip Hop

Kids Cardio Hip Hop ages 6-12

Do your kids love dance parties? Well, this will be the perfect class for them! Kids cardio hip hop is a one hour hip hop class mixed with some basic cardio movement. Blake will construct the class to all different levels and group the class according to age! The only thing your kid’s need to bring are comfy sneakers and their dancing feet!  

  • Parents are welcome to stay and workout in the back for an additional fee. Blake will personalize a workout for the parents, but once kids class begins, the workout will be in your control. Watch your kids have fun and get your work out in at the same time!

Buff Mom Stroller Bootcamp Class

Ready to workout?? Wait… but you’ve got a child at home, how are you going to do this?? Babysitting room at the gym? Find care for the hour?? NAH! We’ve got your solution…
Nicole Toppa is ready to whip you into shape.  You + your child in a stroller is going to make for a fun, challenging and interactive workout at Elevate!  If your child fits in a stroller and you’re ready to get yourself back on the fitness wagon or just find more time to be with your little one while you’re moving, this is the class for you!
Nicole is designing workouts that will take place while your child is in the stroller and then work interactively with your child. This promises to be a great experience for you both!
Look for a FREE Trial Soon!

4 Week Keto Diet and Class Challenge

Are you ready to change yourself!?

This 4 week challenge will teach you a lot about fueling your body optimally. During this challenge you’ll discover a simple strategy that will turn your body into a fat-burning machine…. literally. You’ll be flipping the switch in your body from burning sugar to burning fat as a primary fuel source.

Class Challenge can also be done without the Keto Food Plan

New Session starts October 22 – sign up under Bootcamps Tab

Tru Hemp CBD Hemp Oil Free Workshop – Explore a Natural Way to Heal Yourself!

Find out the benefits of a natural way of healing during our 1 hour workshop hosted by Kevin Fitzgerald. You’ll learn what CBD is, how it can help you and Kevin will answer any questions or concerns you might have.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a natural non-psychotic cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp plant.  It contains NO THC, it is legal and all 50 states and no prescription is required.

The human body has special receptors called cannabinoids receptors.  When the cannabinoids are ingested, they are bound to these receptors in the cells and you will feel improvements and alleviation of the symptoms you’re suffering from.

Why use it?
It supports:
  • Sleep
  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Anti Seizure
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Nausea
  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromylagia
  • Skin Conditions
  • Aids in treatment of Cancer
  • Assists with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Non GMO, Organic and Gluten Free

More Information

Free Essential Oils Workshop with Meredith Ewenson

Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Noon Classes!

We’re bringing back our noon classes on Tues/Thurs this Fall!
CSI Elevate on Tuesday’s with Kathy and Spin Blast with Kyle Anne on Thursday’s.

Take a bootcamp.

Join us for our award winning bootcamps.  Accountability, loads of fitness information, nutritional counseling, the most unique and challenging workouts and bodyfat testing to track your fitness goals.  Full access to our exclusive bootcamp resource fitness information is yours to use. If you’re ready to finally get fit and healthy this is the program you NEED!

Sign up for a class.

Our variety of fitness classes are unmatched – all in house programmed and all guaranteed to give you the results you want!  From high intensity interval training to Aerial Yoga and Bungee Fitness, you’ll find it all in our schedule.

Fitmetrix Tracking and Training.

One of a kind to Aquidneck Island! Track how fast you’re running, how fast you’re biking, see you’re heart rate displayed, and watch your calories burned accumulate on our tv screens. You’ll find this revolutionary program is game changing to your fitness goals and performance.  http://www.fitmetrix.io

Welcome to Elevate Fitness.

We’re happy to welcome you to our new state of the art studio. We specialize in bootcamps, classes, one on one training and small group training. We are a small but mighty group of seasoned professional trainers with loads of experience – all designed to give you the ultimate workout in a safe friendly and small studio environment.

Classes to take at Elevate.

There is a wide variety of classes at Elevate:

40 30 20™ Cardio Strength Core Intervals

CSI – Elevate

Wheels and Weight

HIIT it Hard!

Toppa TOUGH!


Cyle and BUNGEE

Kids Dance -Hip Hop/Jazz

Aerial Yoga

….and much more!

Click on our classes for the descriptions.

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