Meet Kathy your ‘Best of Rhode Island’ Trainer… Kathy Martin was previously the Owner of Elevate Fitness. She’s been a trainer for over 25 year!

Kathy is known for unique, fun and killer workouts that produce nothing but RESULTS! You’ll be working with someone who pays attention, gives great workouts and creates a safe and all inclusive environment.

So what does the camp include?

  • Kathy’s exclusive Video workout library with over 250 full hour long
  • Body fat testing and measurements – optional
  • Emails and the latest in Fitness information written by Kathy
  • Exclusive online website with tons of information that Kathy has gathered through training years to help you get in the best shape possible.
  • Homework for your ‘off camp days – for all levels
    Recipes, menus and challenges
  • Support Options for injuries, medical issues.